About Steven Whyte

One of today’s leading figurative sculptors, Steven Whyte’s expertise lies in his ability to create permanent, expressive, and emotionally resonant sculptures in designs that compliment public spaces and engage viewers. 

Whyte has been a professional sculptor for more than twenty-five years and has installed fifty-four life size or larger figures in England and the United States. A former vice president of the Royal Society of Portrait Sculptors, Whyte has also been honored to have one of his portraits acquired by the Smithsonian Institution for the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection. Among his many honors, Whyte was named the 2016 Sports Artist of the Year.

His accomplishments as an artist have made him sought after for public memorials with a strong connection to the community. He has created numerous major monuments including the 40 foot Aggie War Hymn Monument, for Texas A&M University; The National Military Tribute for Bob Hope in San Diego; Jumbo The Elephant for Tufts University, and A Monument to John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row in Monterey.

Whyte attended the Sir Henry Doulton School of Sculpture under the mentorship of British Sculptor Dame Elisabeth Frink. He works out of his open monument studio in The Barnyard, Carmel, California and shows his work in downtown Carmel and Palm Desert, California.